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Lockdown as a Spiritual Retreat

Have you ever thought about the life of a Saint? He never visits anyone, neither entertain himself nor talk too much. But one thing is always there, the level of his intellect which is different from the ordinary man. He talks less but whenever talks, graps the attention of the person standing next to him.

Let me share you my experience. I don’t claim, I am a Saint or becoming. Because it’s easy to say but difficult to carry. But now I compare my life before lockdown or after it and find it’s much better than what it earlier had. If I start with before lockdown life, it was about rushing to the office, preparing meals without thinking what my body actually needs. Spending 60 – 70% of 24 hours thinking about how to get income, lavish life, when to meet friends, etc. During weekends, giving time to the family with couldn’t be done in weekdays.

Now coming to my after lockdown life, it’s more relaxed 😌 and stress free. There is sufficient time for me. Cooking healthy meals, learning new things especially for personal development, an exercise in routine, meditation etc.

However, it’s up to us how we utilise our time in silence? There are few persons who are watching Netflix and few who are spending most of the time on social media. It’s ok to spend a few hours in such activities but I recommend don’t overdo this. Why? Because, just like our body, our mind needs healthy food too. The more junk it’ll eat, the more junk it’ll produce. So how about giving it healthy food like exercise or yoga, meditation, knowledge up-gradation, some music, any skills like gardening, cooking, etc. I guarantee you that after doing any of these, you’ll find a change in your life.

Before concluding, I’d like to share some free good stuff here which you can use for your mental wellbeing and remember me 😉 whenever you feel good:

Free Learn Yoga

Free Learn Meditation

Free Skill Classes

About list is what I thought to share with you. If you know any best way of utilising time during the lockdown, please share your experience with me. You can share the link of any good site which you think can benefit all during this time.

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