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5 Golden Rules to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Man is a Social Animal.

The above saying implies in every human’s life and even our brain doesn’t accept isolation very easily. He needs someone to express his emotions, to explain what’s going on in our life. I believe, there is no man on this earth who has never shared his secrets or feelings with anyone. Why? Because we can’t carry certain burdens in our heart and it requires to come out in terms emotions or feelings. We are programmed like that.

However, you can’t share anything to everyone because the world has changed and now it’s an art to choose a reliable person and maintain a healthy relationship with him or her. And it’s much complicated to maintain a healthy or say strong relationship as you grow older in comparison to your childhood. The reason is your personality is developed and fixed and now it is much harder to have control over your negative traits. And remember changing self is easier than others.

That’s why I am writing here some Golden Rules to maintain a good and healthy relationship which if you followed, will definitely benefit you in the long run:

1. Be Honest

Honesty develops trust. So being honest can be sometimes complicated but it’s essential. Without trust, a relationship cannot go too far or there may always be some gap between two of you. But please be clear on the definition of honesty. It means to say what is true and relevant and not say all the things which might hurt someone.

Honesty is the best policy.

2. Give Freedom

Be a friend and don’t be a boss of someone. Think practically, we all are human beings here and God has given separate life and freedom to each of us. So it should not be like ’I want to drink a coffee and you should also drink’ or ’I don’t like cake so you won’t cook the cake in this house’ etc. Compromise brings adjustment in a relationship and not strength.

Freedom is recognised.

3. Learn Forgiveness

I have never heard about a relationship where disputes never raised or arguments not started. If you know any, let me know, please. What I know is that no arguments mean ’I don’t care about you, do whatever you want?’ But there should be forgiveness. Without it, things may go wrong and sometimes in the long term. You should learn forgiveness and there is no loss in saying sorry if it is your fault. Later on, misunderstandings can be wiped out with a peaceful conversation.

Forgive others and get respect.

4. Never Weigh What you Give and Get

With some people, this is a problem. They calculate what they have given in a relationship and what they get. Never do that. You will get frustrated with if you have done more and it’ll become a trade show. Giving or getting is not the main idea behind you started a good relationship with someone. Right? Think about it several times and I’ll be right.

A relationship is not quantitative.

5. Be Empathetic

Empathy is not sympathy. Sympathy is you are sorry about mishappening with others, but empathy is you can understand or feel what other person is experiencing. This will help you in understanding the others’ situation and act accordingly. And you’ll feel that in many situations, another person was angry or irritated due to some external factors in his life and it was not natural.

Empathy is priceless.

Here is another blog which I would like to recommend for couples on this – The Golden Rule in Love Relationship

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