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How to Secure your Mental Health during Lockdown?

Millions of people across the world are self-isolating due to Lockdown imposed by their government authorities. But, we human beings are not designed to sit in one place or locked in a room or even in a house. Yes, nature made us like that. Trapped in a house situation will not only deteriorate our body but also our mind. I can recall a quote which fits here:

“I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.”

By Voltaire

The above quote denotes that in order to keep good health, you need a happy mind. Now, I’ll share with you the ways to sustain mental health during the lockdown. Here is it:

Less Watch, Read More

As I have already told you in my previous post; Lockdown as a Spiritual Retreat, reading quality books will make you more productive than watching TV or online streaming videos.

Read more
Reading is a good habit.

Once you leave your TV, gaming console or Netflix, you start planning things in advance which will make sense later on and you’ll find how well planned your life is than earlier. Always remember, your mind eats what you feed and develops accordingly. I would recommend to read non-fiction books which teaches you something.

Develop a Routine

Earlier, when you tried to develop a routine like going to the gym, doing yoga or cooking gluten-free meals, how many times you gave up due to your tight schedule? But now all flexibility of time is in your hands.

Jogging, walking or exercise should not be avoided.

I believe this is the best time to develop a routine which you tried to maintain during pre-lockdown. If you’re still not sure how to start? Take a pen and paper, prepare a plan since you wake up till you go to bed and paste it on that wall of your house, where your eyes go most of the time. Then tell me how it works?

Share your Feelings

Don’t hesitate to share your feelings with loved ones. If you are good at writing, start journaling. Yes, the way our ancestors use to keep a record of their feelings due to lack of proper communication at that time. If you have an area of expertise, you can start your own blog as well. I have another blog where I wrote about How to Start a Blog, if you like to have a look.

Sharing your feelings is not a guilt.

In case, you don’t find or want to share your feelings with anyone and there is something worrying you, please send a mail to me here. I guarantee you to keep it safe, private and confidential and also try my best to solve it without any cost.

Have Virtual Meetings with Loved Ones

’Man is a social animal’ if not physical then virtually. Download any good virtual meeting software. It may be Skype and have a video call with your family, friends and relatives. Let them know you’re safe and also your mind relaxes after watching they’re doing good.

Video call
Video calling a family is required.

These are a few suggestions to keep your mind healthy and happy. You can share how you are feeling nowadays and what you are doing to keep your mind in right direction.

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