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10 Fun and Amazing Things to do during Weekends

Who doesn’t like to spend time with family or friends? But today we have either some restrictions or fear to go outside. And I am not going to advise you to take chances. On the other hand, you can’t spend your weekends watching just TV series, cooking or doing chores and if you’re too much of a mobile or tablet lover, your eyes are going to pay for it which neither you want not I.

Luckily, our ancestors were not victim of such technology addictions. Maybe that’s the reason, people of past days gave more importance to social life. They were ready to stand for each other and more emotionally connected to their kins.

So here are 10 ways to chill out in your weekends either with friends or family and friends both.

1. Play a Board Game

Do you remember those old but gold board games? Right! Ludo, Monopoly, Scrabble, and many more. Though time passes but our memories attached to these games never. They are an all-time favourite. And the best part is these games are proved to be good as a mental exercise. So what do you do when your kids or siblings apply their cheat sheets in the game?

2. Organise a Dance or Karaoke Party

If you really want to spend time with friends but do not want to go outside, then indoor dance or karaoke party is a good option. All you need to get is a good quality stereo or mic as per requirement.

If you want to be economical like me, use your devices to establish the environment. Of course, the mic is a must for a karaoke party.

3. Play Card Games

Rummy, Hearts and Solitaire are some of the card games everyone enjoys. You just need a few packets of playing cards and all set.

4. Organise High Tea

When you don’t want to eat outside and not in a mood to organise lunch or dinner party, why not go for a high tea party with easy to make tasty snacks. Soon I’ll be sharing easy to cook recipes with you.

You can also convert this into a potluck where everyone brings their own cooked meals and all share it. Also, if you are scared of your wife as she doesn’t like to cook grand meals, try to organise a low-level cooking contest like who can make the best lemonade, cocktail or any other kind of stuff which doesn’t require too much cooking appliances. But when you conduct such competitions, make sure to respect everyone’s feelings and appreciate each of the participants because either they are your family or friends.

5. Organise a Talent Show

This is slightly different from what I mentioned above. If you organise a talent show means there is no competition. Your friends or family members are free to show whatever talent they possess. For example, someone can sing well, someone can dance or can tell a joke. Thus, it’s kind of an open show for all. As such, this is also a good way to know the hidden skills and hobbies of your pals.

6. Arrange Barbeque in Garden

If you have a garden in your house, now is the time to utilise it. Buy a barbeque grill or make your own just like Food Wishes teaching us on Youtube.

Source – Food Wishes

Make sure to do all preparation like collecting ingredients, imagination, etc before coming of guests.

7. Watch a Movie or Documentary

What if you can’t go to the theatre! You can still watch your favourite movies, documentary and even series along with friends and family members. Popcorn and coke can be complementary. 🙂

8. Go on a Virtual Tour

Due to lockdown, most of the services are now available online and that too without any cost. Virtual tours of museums, opera houses, play theatre, educational parks, etc are the best options if you have kids in the house. Few sites where you can find virtual tours are:

9. Have a Game Night

Do you own a gaming console? Then it’s a good idea to have a game night. If you don’t, then you can play multiplayer games on your smartphone.

Houseparty is one of the best social networking apps which lets you play games online with your friends. Therefore, you have an option to do a virtual party with your friends. Psych is another social gaming app but not all things free and a bit tricky too.

You can try other similar party game apps like:

  • 5 second guess
  • Out of the loop
  • Charades
  • What would you choose? Rather
  • Never Have I Ever

You can try out some offline party games as well like Sudoku, Tambola, Truth or Dare, Guess the Name, etc.

10. Play Indoor Games

Else you can choose physical exercise options like Badminton, Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Cricket or Darts for your upcoming weekend get together.

Let me know if you have any other way to celebrate weekends indoor.

If you liked the post, let me know in the comments section and please share. 🙂

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