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London: The Best Chapter of My Life

Dreams are not something which always comes true. But for me, it happened. A girl like me, who never left her hometown till the age of 25. It’s an achievement to visit abroad on her own for visiting a spouse. I cannot forget the day I arrived at Heathrow Airport. London; the place I always wanted to visit (it’s a fantasy) but never thought it may happen.

”London is a bad habit one hates to lose.”

William Sansom

I am an English Literature graduate. That is the explanation I was and consistently will be captivated by British culture. Since I read about Shakespeare, Jane Austen, George Orwell, Charles Dickens, and some more. In spite of the fact that naturally, I like knowing about various cultures and it’s natives, Britain was something I generally longed for. In this way, it began at Heathrow Airport. At the point when I arrived at the place where there is excellence, culture, craftsmanship, writing, amenability and obviously, refinement.

London: The Best Chapter of My Life

While sitting in a London Tube, I turned into looking homes and homes designed in the Victorian fashion with flora and lamps outside. But similar to each different movie, right here comes tragedy. In my London story, the primary tragedy turned into COVID-19, because of which I couldn’t get to understand London well. After one and a 1/2 of months I arrived, lockdown took place, and we couldn’t go to any place. Another tragedy is that within a week, we’re shifting to Belfast (Northern Ireland) because of certain reason. Here, tragedy isn’t that I am shifting to Belfast however that I am leaving London.

So I decided to post about London. Also tell you, what sort of love I am in with it even after not spending much time than I predicted. And allow you to all recognize why it’ll be the best chapter of my life. I am additionally going to share with you the pics I took right here and of course, reminiscences connected to it.

Tower of London

Lion Statues – (c) Shikha Vashisth

The above pic is clicked through me. It’s at the doorway of Tower bridge. It seems no person can enter the area or it’s covered through lions or that is a land of lions.

Tower Bridge (c) Shikha Vashisth
Tower Bridge at Night (c) Shikha Vashisth

I noticed Tower Bridge on book covers however looking it in the front of you is amazing. I couldn’t prevent me to seize it into my camera.

Lights of London (c) Shikha Vashisth

The splendour of a metropolis seems exceptional in its light. A shot from me to expose you the way awesome is London’s night.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral (c) Shikha Vashisth
Front View of St. Paul’s Cathedral (c) Shikha Vashisth

It is not easy to agree with there exists a cathedral with one of this marvellous architecture. Though the photo isn’t always flawlessly clicked, as soon as my bus stopped, I right away disembarked it and stuck the glimpse.

St. Lawrence Drinking Fountain (c) Shikha Vashisth

Opposite to St. Paul’s Cathedral, is St. Lawrence Drinking Fountain. I salute the architects who can genuinely layout such form of structure with minor detailing and decorations.

British Museum

British Museum (c) Shikha Vashisth

A museum in which there’s a separate room for maximum of the international locations in the world. They preserved the lot so properly. In a nutshell, a properly organized educational hub together with numerous activities and events.

For the Lovers of Harry Potter

9 3/4 Harry Potter (c) Shikha Vashisth
House of Spells (c) Shikha Vashisth

I read Harry Potter books and watched movies as well, but never thought there could be a harry potter exclusive store; House of Spell.

London Streets

London Street (c) Shikha Vashisth

Flowers of London

London is also the best for floral decorations. They use different colours in a single bouquet which I love most.

You can find it in the houses, above their door, on fences, and many more places.

Few More London Pics…

These pics don’t belong to me but I found it interesting over the internet. I kept this post short to give you a more pictorial way of London.

Please feel free to share your own experiences with London if you are already living here or have visited anytime. Have you ever dreamt to visit a place and you actually visited it? Please share your experience.

Please note - All pictures till the heading ’Few More London Pics’ are captured by me except cover photo. If you want to use any of them, kindly contact me. Please don't use any of my pics without letting me know.

6 thoughts on “London: The Best Chapter of My Life”

  1. Oh no I’m sorry you didn’t get to spend more time in London before COVID hit. I hope you get a chance to return properly to take it all in because there’s so many wonderful things to experience in the city. It’s where I grew up, lived and worked until 3 years ago – we moved to the coast to start a family away from the intensity of it all. But it’s still a great place to be, to visit, to take it all in.

    Some of my favourite places include the parks (especially Regents Park and Hyde Park), the British Library, shopping on Oxford Street and also the liveliness of Leicester Square. There are a few museums in Kensington too which are worth a visit.

    Again, so sorry that your trip got cut short. That must have been really disappointing for you, I can’t even begin to imagine. Hope you can come back soon!

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  2. Wow London looks absolutely incredible. I would love to be able to visit there one day. Thanks for sharing all about it. The pictures are incredible.

    Liked by 1 person

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