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Raag Bageshari – Music as A Meditational Sleep Therapy

Since ancient times, classical music is known for its healing properties. This is not just applicable on Indian music but all kind of music systems are well know for treating ailments.

Here are three biblical examples of ‘therapeutic’ singing with understanding:

  • Saul was invaded by evil spirits and David played music.  The music was for therapeutic intervention and provided relief to Saul (cf. 1 Samuel 16:14 – 23).
  • King David and the Ark of the Covenant.  Through music, singing and dancing, David conquered his fear and hesitation in bringing ark into the City of Zion from Obededom’s house (cf. 1 Chronicles 15).
  • Paul and Silas in Prison.  The jail where Paul and Silas was imprisoned was a place of tension, mental anguish and physical pain but they sang to desensitize the distress associated with their imprisonment (cf. Acts 16:25).

During World War II, the American Service Forces, officially recognized music as an agent capable of helping ifs mentally and physically wounded.

Royal Hospital of Neuro-disability says ”Music does more than just put us in a good mood. It’s a wonder drug that sets a lot of things right: It energises your mind, eases stress, evokes emotions and soothes your soul”.

Music instrument

What is Raag?

Raag is a melodic framework for improvisation and composition. There are many raag in Indian classical music which expresses different emotions and occasions.

Raag Bageshari is an Indian classical Raag (Music) which is meant to be listened to or played during the middle of the night mostly between 9pm to 12 am. This raag is first sung by Tansen; the court singer of the Emperor Akbar, during the 16th century. The raag was mostly popular in the Carnatic Music; the system of music commonly followed in Southern India including Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and another country like Sri Lanka.


Raag Bageshari as Sleep Meditation

Raag Bageshri is well known for curing insomnia. It arouses a feeling of darkness, stability, depth and calmness. This is also known for treating diabetes and hypertension.

Raag Bageshari is a #raag (music) known as a sleep #meditation therapy.

Please listen to the Raag Bageshari in the audio file below. I suggest listening to it when you are about to sleep as a sleep meditation therapy.

Audio Clip of Raag Bageshari

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13 thoughts on “Raag Bageshari – Music as A Meditational Sleep Therapy”

  1. Thanks for sharing about raag music. Now I know. I experience insomnia only a few times in my life, I will look for a raag music as a standby in case it happens. I will share this to my friends who are having trouble sleeping. 😉

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