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20 Most Popular Existential Questions with their Answers

First of all, what are existential questions? In literal meaning, the word ’existential’ means ”the nature of something or someone’s existence”. Hence, the ’existential question’, ”a deep and philosophical question concerning above”. (Source –

This post is a bit philosophical. But the opinion expressed by me is not to harm anyone’s intention. It’s just my opinion after gaining different kinds of life experiences until now. And you’re welcome! If you want to put your comments on any question. 

1. What is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life is to live purposefully. However, life is a word which can be defined in many ways.

2. What’s the one piece of advice you would give others about life?

Live it with freedom, compassion and don’t wait for tomorrow. Do it today! 

3. Do you believe in a power greater than humanity?

Yes, I do. Be it scientifically proven or not. Because sometimes faith works better.

4. What’s our biggest mistake as a human?

No doubt, we are the best creature on planet earth. But too much commercialised now.

5. Is It Possible To Live A Normal Life And Not Ever Tell A Lie?

I don’t think so. Sometimes we need to tell a lie to save anyone. And that’s perfectly fine.

6. What Will Happen To The Future Of The Human Race Long After We Are Gone?

Less fertile lands, more pollution, more population, drastic changes in climate, are what I believe.

7. Is The World A Better Place With Humans In It?

Yes, because we are capable of transforming lives in a way we want and not just for us but for all living organisms, communicate, even we can visit the moon. 🙂

8. What Do You Think Is A Sign That It’s Time To Let Go Of Something?

When something makes you depressed, frustrated or too much stressed that you are not able to cope with, leave it. 

9. Do We Want Others To Be More Like Us Or Do We Want To Be More Like Others?

I believe, ”live and let others live” philosophy. So give freedom and get freedom. No involvement in others’ lives.

10. What Do We Most Need In This World?

Clear oxygen and water. Also, man-made money for buying man-made things.


11. What would life be like without suffering? Is suffering a necessary part of human existence?

If I imagine a life where everyone is happy. A life where no one is suffering.Then how to define ’suffering’? Why people will help each other and even talk. No blessings to receive. Everyone is just happy. But then, no one can count happiness. The conclusion is ”suffering is necessary. Not much but to at least learn the struggle in nature.”

12. Is knowledge inherently valuable, or must it have a practical application to be considered of value?

Knowledge must have a practical application to be considered of value. What is the point of learning how to fly an aeroplane when you can’t fly it in reality or learning maths if you can’t calculate things?

13. Should humanity have a goal? If so, what should it be?

Yes, we should have a humanity goal. Live your life sustainably for past, present and future generations.

14. What makes something beautiful?


15. What events have caused me to feel uneasy in my life?

Grocery shopping during COVID lockdown.

16. Is personal reflection and deeper thinking a bad thing?

No. Never. In my opinion, everyone should spend at least 5 minutes a day for personal reflection and deeper thinking. You must know about yourself. 

17. Is it possible to be standing backwards on a staircase?

??? Just for fun 😉

18. Is AI good or bad for humanity?

Why do we need it when humans have our own brains? 

19. Can we alter our destiny?

I think, 60% we can.

20. Can everything be bought for the money?

Not air, relationships, life, safety from natural calamities, etc. So, completely, NO.

Task for you – Submit your answer to each question in the comment box below and have fun. You don’t need to type questions again, just put the number in the sequence.

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