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A Letter to My Younger Self

Writing a letter to your younger self may sound crazy. But it’s like writing a daily journal which helps much relief because it’s similar to confession where your older-self conveys to your younger self what couldn’t be done but it’s okay if it’s not done.  Also, there are so many things you have gained from your experiences and opportunities until now. Therefore, this practice of writing a letter to your younger self is a good technique to cope with your stress and lack of confidence.

You can continue this habit on a routine basis. Also, it can be written in a physical letter, keep it in a closed envelope and put in a corner of your house. So that you can check it even after a few years, makes you even happier. 

How to write a letter to your younger self?

Trust me, it’s not rocket science. But when I started writing it to myself, I found it difficult to express myself. It’s easier to talk about others. you have so many things you know about yourself but hard to fit in the exact words.

Thus, for writing a letter to your younger self, you need to,

  • Be honest, compassionate and empathetic to yourself
  • Always refer as ’You’ and start by using ’Dear Me’ or ’Dear <Your name>’
  • Try to avoid things which upset you.
  • If it’s on the Internet, maintain privacy. 

A Letter to My Younger Self 

Dear me,

Maybe you won’t know, I am your elder-self. Just the double of your age. You won’t believe that your life changed upside down (like fairy tales). But you rested enough in life. 

Oh, don’t worry! I am not going to reveal your secrets because I know you don’t like it. Neither do I.

Life isn’t that bad now. You’re freer, independent, good learner, observer and still a moralist. You have your own principles and liking which makes you different. Am I boasting a lot? I am not at all. I am saying all these because I wanted to let you know that whatever education you got, whatever knowledge you gained and whatever experience you earned, are fruitful now. And of course, having a mentor like a father who taught all the things, books couldn’t. 

But there is something I wish you would have done differently, though. You loved writing, but you never continued. You decided to go behind a 9 to 5 job which is actually not a 9 to 5 job (9 to 7 or sometimes 8). I am hardly getting time for myself. I want to enjoy life but couldn’t. Luckily, I came to the UK for some time and started blogging and this makes me content. This is what I wanted to be, ’a writer’. Why couldn’t you realise? Maybe you had some restrictions or uncertainty. Maybe you were thinking like the people surrounding you means ”get a job which gives a fixed monthly salary and you’re secure financially”. But when I am sitting here I can tell you I am more satisfied without money then I was with money. Because you need to use it too. 

The best part of attaining the age of maturity is that you know how to differentiate between reality and the drama. You know it very well. Something you and I are unable to change and this goes in my mind again and again. But, it’s ok, not all things are in our hands. 

Thanks for making me what I am today and thanks for holding me in adverse situations all the time. 

Take care!


A better You!

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