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7 Tips to Start Your Own Bullet Journal

Now is the time many people wants or needs to stay organised. If you’re not organised, you can’t cope with present day lifestyle. You woke up say 5 o’clock in the morning 🌞. Know how to go step by step for your daily routine. But mostly by the end of the day, you realise what is missed and deadline already over.

Take another situation. You have so much knowledge about things and you want to apply a few in your own life but again time is the problem. So being organised means you know how to save time, just like money. Yes, time is also valuable money. The only difference is you can’t earn it back once it is over. Hence, be organised and be smart.

Bullet journaling
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Bullet journal may probably help you in organising your life. Now first a clarification that What is a bullet journal? Bullet Journal is a single notebook where one can keep a record of their to-do list, daily/monthly/yearly planner, event planner, track records, etc. Unlike a traditional planner, it’s not limited to just a to-do checklist and gives you complete day to day planning.

If you’re planning to make your self designed bullet journal which you may as 2021 is fast approaching, I have following ideas for you.

1. Give Each Month a Different Flavour

It may sound irrelevant but I recommend choosing different design layout or design for each month. Because different design will set your mood differently. For example, if its December which means Christmas on its way, the decorate your bullet journal with Christmas trees or colour like red and green. This way you know what special is the present month holding for you. Likewise, you may include spring, autumn, winter, Halloween related theme for your journal etc.

2. Track Your Sleep Records

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Medical News Today says about the importance of sleep that sleep is as vital as regular exercise and eating a balanced diet. A person should get sleep rest for 7-8 hours a day. It’s good to add a column of sleep track records in the monthly planner of your journal.

3. Create a Birthday Page

If you’re like me (I mean poor memory like me) who is always forgetful about special days of your loved ones, better add a birthday page in your planner. Decorate it with balloons, cakes or birthday hats to give it that feeling. This is also good for planning the occasion or doing birthday shopping in advance. You may also add anniversary into it.

4. Incorporate Meal Planner

Meal plan
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The most important part of any planner is a meal planner as well as a grocery shopping list. Meal planner in journal should be divided into days and then each day into breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, with your convenience, you can change divisions and add or subtract any part you don’t want. Along with this, there should be a grocery shopping list either as a separate page, a sticky note or a side column near to the meal planner. You may also create a separate section of meal planning and grocery in your bullet journal.

5. Set and Track Goals

Convert a page or two into your goal planner. It may be weekly, monthly or yearly. But keeping track of your goals is a good way of realising how far or near are you to your set goals? But be realistic and specific in goal planning. For example, if you’re a writer, your yearly goal maybe writing a 50000 words novel and monthly or weekly goals maybe writing 1000 words in a month or week respectively.

6. Plan a Cleaning Schedule

I know cleaning the entire house in a day is near to impossible and if you’re working, it’s impossible. However, dividing all your cleaning tasks into daily, monthly and yearly segments make it much easier and you can devote your remaining time in other productive activities too. Moral of the story is to add a cleaning schedule in your bullet journal. Divide it as per your convenience into daily, monthly and yearly columns. You may also make a weekly schedule of cleaning dividing all tasks from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is off for girls.😉

7. Track Habits like Exercise, Yoga, Meditation, etc.

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Include daily habit tracker of your physical and mental well being. So that you’ll be consistent on what you’re doing. Also, it’s a good way to inculcate such things in your routine. Make a single page like a calendar with day 1 to day 30 or 31. Tick mark it whenever you complete an exercise. This will help you in knowing when was the long gap in your routine. As such, you may compensate it in the next few days.

Please let me know if you have any other exciting tips for bullet journals. I would love to hear from you including any suggestions or feedback. If you want to know how to plan your budget, please read my post on this.

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