About Me

Welcome to A Legacy of Bliss!

My name is Shikha; an Indian living in the United Kingdom. Though I am a Human Resource professional but also a passionate blogger; who is devoted to writing since teenage. This was the age when I participated in many of the writing competition, but due to my academic studies, I never indulged into it too much.

I started blogging when I moved to London this year to accompany my husband. This is a completely new experience for me. I am spending more time with my family and myself. So when all glamour ends, you realise the value of self. I am a person who lives in present, never think about the past or future because both are uncertain.

A Legacy of Bliss is not just a blog for me but a medium where I can share my real-life experiences to you all including, food, travel, inspirations, ideas, fashion, and much more. Also, I would be much satisfied when I could transform my writing as a passion, into a knowledge sharing blog.

Why I have chosen ’a legacy of bliss’ name? Many of you know that legacy means ’someone’s story or life experience which one leaves behind to remember’ and bliss is ’happiness’. I believe this title perfectly fits my life journey so far. Therefore, I decided to give this name to my blog.