How to Make Vegan Mayo Easily at Home?

There is hardly anyone who hates mayonnaise but when you opted for a vegan diet (plant-based diet only), for few it mabe difficult to cope up with mayo cravings. Here comes a vegan mayo recipe with few ingredients and 2 minutes blending. Storage Instructions Please don't keep in the freezer as it may become hard.… Continue reading How to Make Vegan Mayo Easily at Home?


Pudina Semiyan (Vermicelli in Mint Sauce)

This recipe is inspired by Pudina Shavige or Semiyan Upma which belongs to Karnataka (State in Southern India) cuisine. The recipe is mostly the same but I removed major ingredients like curry leaves and urad dal (of course, without spoiling the taste) from the main recipe. So I didn’t use the traditional name. Also, I want it… Continue reading Pudina Semiyan (Vermicelli in Mint Sauce)


Gulab Jamun (Fried Milk Balls in Sugar Syrup)

Gulab Jamun is a classical Indian sweet which you can find in every Indian wedding and mostly during festival time in India. Generally, it is made from khoya (dried whole milk which is made by boiling milk for a longer time in an open pan). But you can make it from milk powder as well.… Continue reading Gulab Jamun (Fried Milk Balls in Sugar Syrup)

Bhindi masala

Bhindi Masala (Ladyfingers in Tomato Curry)

Disclaimer - This post contains affiliate links. But I recommend only if I am satisfied with the product myself. When you try to transform sweetie lady fingers into a tangy tasty curry, your guests are going to love it anyhow. This time I am giving you one of the tasty curries of Indian cuisine and… Continue reading Bhindi Masala (Ladyfingers in Tomato Curry)

Bread pizza

Bread Pizza – An Easy to Cook Recipe

Evenings are really bad for hunger especially when you are left with limited ingredients. If this happens most of the time with you, I have a solution; a recipe for Bread Pizza which you can have as an evening snack or when some guests visit. I guarantee you that they would love it. I don't… Continue reading Bread Pizza – An Easy to Cook Recipe