Bagnetique: The Best Gift to Give This Women’s Day or Mother’s Day

With fast approaching of Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, we all are searching for gifting ideas for our lovely ladies out there. They helped and supported us by performing their varios roles. Be it your wife, daughter, mother, an old lady in neighbour or a helper who keeps things organised when you don’t have time. They all putting their 100% to make our life easier.

Now, let me share with you my story regarding my search for a mother’s day gift for my mom. Have you ever noticed how annoying it is to search for your handbag for your mobile phone? I can recall my mom struggling with her handbag for searching cell phone. Every time it rings, her tension starts. I could see that on her face. More worried than happy that someone called. But I never knew a product which can help her in getting her phone at the top whenever she opens the handbag – Bagnetique Magnetic Handbag Phone Holder and its not just a phone holder. Read this post till end to know how many things you can do with a magnetic phone holder and how to operate it, if you are planning to buy a one (which I highly recommend).

Unboxing Bagnetique

Why We Need it?

  1. I can imagine myself standing in front of my house, grabbling inside my handbag searching for the keys. Now, I use Bagnetique and it’s always on top when I open the bag. Therefore, I can say I need it. This looks awekward when your phone rings in front of your boss and you start panicking to get it.
  2. You may stick it under your wardrobes or on any wall to get your keys or other important stuff at your tips all the time.
  3. It doesn’t leave residue and scratches to your phone, card or any other stuff.
  4. It’s a sleek and designer magnet which you won’t regret for buying or gifting. Also, much cheaper than the one my husband bought a year ago. Can you imagine? Just $14.95 currently. I have my own offer on this product especially for you. It’s 30% off when you buy it here.

Special Deal for My Readers

I and Bagnetique Team decided to do something special for my readers this women’s day and mother’s day by giving them 30% discount on actual product price.

Note: Put discount code 'SHIKHAVASHISTH' at the check out window for getting the offer.

Here are different designs for different moods:

How to Use Your Bagnetique?

When I got this product, first question was how to use it (I mean installing it). At first, it seems bit confusing but its easy when you understand it completely. You can use it in following ways.

Before starting here is a small warning: Always use this product inside your bag, never outside because using it on the outside is risky. If you brush up against people or things, your keys or phone could be knocked off the Bagnetique.or your phone on the outside could be very easily stolen.

Stick it in Your Bag

1. Put both ends of the clip inside the channel, so it sticks out and you can use it as a lever to remove your phone very easily and with one hand.

2. Peel off the backing paper and press the Bagnetique firmly in the position you want.

3. Wait for 3 hours for the glue to set strongly.

Clip it in Your Bag

1. Insert the clip with JUST THE BUMPY end inside the channel, and push all the way in, as far as you can. 

2. Hang with the clip on the inside pocket or opening of your handbag, pushing down as far as you can.  If your pocket material is thick, you may want to bend/squeeze the back of the clip down inside the pocket, so it sits as flat as possible. 

Various Other Uses of Bagnetique

  • Stick your bagnetique to the dashboard of your car to hold the phone in the car for safe, hands-free, and easy access while driving.  And when your phone is not attached, the lovely bagnetique design looks pretty in your car.
  • A few bagnetiques on the wall by the entrance to your home makes an easy and convenient spot to drop your keys as you come in and pick them up as you leave. 
  • Hang stuff without nails
  • Stick bagnetique to the wall behind your kitchen cupboards or cooker, use it to hang spoons, spatulas, scissors etc you need often and regularly and hang your phone away while cooking to see your recipes and listen to your music without mucking up it.
Various uses of Bagnetique

If you gifted this product or bought it for your own use, please don’t forget to mention @legacyofbliss in Instagram and share your memorable pics with me. I would love to listen it from you.

You may also share your experiences with the brand Bagnetique at Instagram by tagging @bagnetique or #bagnetique.

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Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. I recommend products only after being satisfied with them. 

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