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10 Things Smart People do to Live a Better Life

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

By Mark Twain

Living a better life is not just about living a happy life, even it’s about well planned, balanced and worthy life. For educating the community, there are ample resources available including self-help books to motivational leaders, spiritual gurus, paid courses, etc. But there are certain information or knowledge which is essential to know in life and nobody will tell you these things.

I assure you that you’re going to find this post really informative and useful to you. As I don’t want to take too much of your valuable time, let’s go ahead with 10 things you must do to live a better life:

1. Plan your Tasks in Advance

If you spent a few minutes before going to bed about planning for tomorrow, it’ll make your day more productive. Plan in advance about what to cook, what to clean, appointments to take or make, etc. This will not only make you more productive but also there would be fewer chances of forgetting important things.

To make your life easy and better, I prepared a free advance daily planner for you. Download, print and enjoy it.

Free Personal Daily Planner

2. Learn First Aid

First aid knowledge gives you the power to save someone’s life. It may be your family, friend or someone unknown. Just imagine the value of those blessings which you’ll receive after doing such a holy task. Every year more than 60% of people all over the world die due to not getting first aid in time. Many people couldn’t give first aid because they are not confident to provide it.

Future Learn is providing a free online course on Basic First Aid which I completed myself and found really informative. The course is of 2 weeks which you can complete at your convenience.

3. Do your SWOT Analysis

SWOT is an analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Strength is your those inner qualities which can affect your growth positively and weaknesses are those inner qualities which can affect it negatively. Likewise, opportunities and threats are your those external circumstances or environment which can boost or limit your growth respectively. Why SWOT analysis is important? Because it realises where is the problem and how to solve it? And where are the opportunities?

Do Your SWOT Analysis FREE!

4. Make or Join a Community

To share and knowledge with like-minded people, you should make or join a community. It may be of your area of interests like Cricket, Book Club, language learning, etc. Or you can simply create a pen pal group and general discussion community. This community can be online or offline.

The idea behind this is to make you social because in the meantime most of the people are living separate from their family due to job or education. Further, the more you got connected with outsiders, the more knowledge you’ll gain and the competition you’ll face (you know what I mean. This is important to polish your skills and you’ll realise that you’ve not achieved all.)

5. Write your Family or Self History

Definitely, write a book about yourself or your family or both. This is inspired by our Ancestors. How they used to write what the king eats 😉, how the so-called warrior died or how people of a certain time live, eat, constructs, etc. Now, just like them, our next-generation might be interested in knowing how we were living? What happened during Coronavirus time😜? These all answers they’ll get when we write about our time.

If you feel that any member of your family has or had an excellent persona, don’t hesitate to write about him/her. By doing this, you are spreading a word with your next generation that why you should possess a good character?

Also, if you think that your life has enough drama, thriller and action, you should write your autobiography. If that is too much, at least write a journal. You can get many good blogs on how to write a family history or autobiography. Just search Google!

6. Love your Body and Mind

A healthy body carries a healthy mind and vice verse. Please don’t run behind shortcuts of meal planning and preparation and try to realise that eating healthy and natural food is as important as earning an income.

A few weeks ago, I found a very informative short course by Coursera on Stanford Introduction to Food and Health and I would recommend this to all.

Next is mind. Take a few minutes from your life to practise mindfulness. I will also help you in knowing how to keep your mind healthy and happy via this blog. Exercise and physical activity are also significant in keeping your mind and body healthy.

7. Eat Healthy and Natural Food

I just want to elaborate above-mentioned suggestion more. Start preparing home-cooked meals if you still depend on the restaurant meals. I guarantee you that you’ll start to love cooking. Buy natural ingredients more than ready-made stuff and sauces. Make everything from Paneer to cake just like our Grandma used to do.

For some inspiration, go and search about recipes which use less processed ingredients. Do preparation at weekends if you’re not getting time during weekdays. Try to cook easy, tasty and healthy food.

8. Learn ’What to Learn and What Not to’

I remember my college days when many of my peers forced me to start smoking. But luckily I knew what my lungs deserve and what they don’t. Mostly in peer pressure, we start doing things which we know are harmful. Or maybe we thought it’s cool. But the body doesn’t understand that coolness and downgrades with its aftereffect. This is art what we should learn from others and what we should ignore? Also, try to help them realise what they are doing with themselves.

9. Start Saving for Future

Our parents did but we forgot. Instead of spending a large amount of your hard-earned money to luxuries, try to save it for the future. Remember this future will go till your old ages when you may need it in actual. Savings can never be a disadvantage in any stage of life. Better if you make a budget plan every month. Sooner you’ll realise where your money is coming and going and what is left at last?

I personally hate to use a credit card and prefers to spend only what I have in my account.

10. Get Organised

If you kept your book somewhere else than in the bookshelf, next time you’ll spend 15 more minutes searching for it. Keeping frustration and tiredness aside. So it’s better to get organised if you’re not. Organising the things saves your time which is another important thing to save after money. Keep things there from where you got it.

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